Passenger & Equipment Shuttles

Shuttle vehicles at Muirtown Locks, Great Glen Canoe Trail
You may or may not have your own means of transporting boats and equipment to your chosen paddling location. We can help out with our canoe or kayak shuttle and passenger transport service.

You have the option of picking up the equipment yourself

You can pick up the canoes or kayaks from our equipment depot and office, a few miles West of Inverness using your own vehicle and roof rack. You will get 1 canoe or 2 kayaks (usually) on a fitted car roof rack safely.  If you happen to have J-bars/ uprights then you may get 2 or 3 kayaks on comfortably.
We have an inflatable roof rack available to hire (£10) if you don't have your own roof bars,  Our handi-racks are only suitable for 1 boat at a time and you need to have a 4-door car in order to fit it (using straps through the door frames).
Please note: we do not hire out our canoe/ kayak trailers.
Find us here:

Our shuttle service

(Only available for equipment hire customers - we don't offer a shuttle only service)

 Why use our canoe/ kayak shuttle service?

  • We can pick you up from your accommodation, the railway station, bus station or airport and take you to where you want to go.
  • We can meet you at the start point of your boat journey and deliver the equipment to you.
  • We can meet you at your intended finish point where you can leave your vehicles.  We'll then shuttle you to the start point with the equipment to save you another shuttle at the end of the trip.
  • We can meet you at the end of the journey and shuttle you back to your vehicles.
  • We have 4 vehicles available for shuttles and 3 boat trailers so have the capacity to transport large groups.
  • If some of your group have their own boats, we can transport them with the hire equipment.
Summer time on the Tweed Canoeing on the River Tweed in winter Inhcolm Abbey from a sea kayak Under the mighty Forth bridges
What does it cost per shuttle?
Our costs are based on mileage travelled from our base plus staff time, so can provide a quote for any location that you have in mind.
Here are some of our more popular shuttles with associated costs to give you an idea of what's involved.

Click here for our Shuttle costs

Note: These costs are applicable to one shuttle journey for up to 8 people at a time.  Should there be more than 8 people, a further shuttle charge would be applied. 
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