Canoe Equipment

Canoe and equipment prices

Canoeing the River Spey River Beauly Great Glen Canoe Trail Canoeing on Lochan Eilein
  Single day Multi-day
2-person canoes £45 £37 per day
However, if you hire for 5 days we'll only charge you for 4 (or 6 for 5, etc).
The hire cost includes:
- paddles [with spares]
- buoyancy aids (or life jackets for small children)
- helmets [if required]
- a 60 litre watertight barrel per person or equivalent sized dry bag. 
- a portage trolley for every 2 boats hired
- a water bailer
- Laminated map
- Free toilet trowel and firepan (on request)
- 5m security cable (free on request)
- All our canoes come fitted with buoyancy airbags and painter ropes - something you should always look for when hiring canoes, for safety reasons.
Our canoes are predominantly 16ft Venture Rangers, ideal for multi-day trips on flat or moving water.  The canoes come with 2 fitted seats and although they have sufficient room for a third adult or a couple of small children kneeling in the middle, you must bear in mind that along with expedition kit the boat may sit low in the water and put you at risk of being swamped.  We also have a small number of smaller boats which can be paddled solo if necessary.

Additional equipment that you might need:

You may not have your own, or you may not be able to bring it with you, so we can provide the following equipment for you should you need it:
Additional portage trolleys
£10 per booking 
5 metre security cables £10 per booking
Inflatable roof rack (for your own car)
£10 per booking 
(Suitable for 1 canoe or solo kayak at a time)
Midge nets
£5 each to buy
Laminated maps
£5 per additional map
Camping, cooking and dining equipment
£12 per person per night
(Includes tent, inflatable sleeping mat, stove and fuel, pots, plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery. Note: Sleeping bags are not included)
Tent and sleeping mat only
£5 per per person per night
Cooking and dining equipment
£7 per person per night
(Includes stove and fuel, pots, plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery)
Expedition toilet trowel
FREE on request
Fire pan
FREE on request
(To protect the ground if you intend to have camp fires)
Canoe sailing kit
£10 per booking
Cool box  £5 per booking
10 litre water carriers £5 per booking
Canoe guide If you'd like an instructor to spend some time with you on day 1 of your trip, just to make sure you settle in to the trip ok the costs would be £100 for the first 2 hours of your trip or £180 for up to 5 hrs.
Please note: 1 instructor for every 10 people paddling would be required.
If you've still got some questions about the equipment please give us a call on 0333 600 6008

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