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Frequently asked questions

  • Where do I find the sea kayak hire terms and conditions? ... click here
  • What's the difference between a canoe and a kayak? ... click here
  • What equipment should I take with me? more
  • What is the Paddler's Access Code?... click here
  • Who should I contact for further advice?... click here
  • Handy website for all things about sea kayaking... Kayarchy
  • Do I need insurance?... We recommend that you take out personal accident insurance to cover you should anything happen while hiring our equipment. Boots N Paddles' insurance would cover you should anything happen as a result of our equipment failing. You should also consider joining the Scottish Canoe Association. Membership benefits include Civil Liability Insurance and discount from a range of great suppliers.
  • What's your alcohol policy? ... Alcohol should not be consumed immediately prior to your trip. Anyone found under the influence of alcohol or any other substances may not be permitted to hire or participate (for the safety of themselves and others).  We discourage large amounts of alcohol being taken on the water and reserve the right to refuse to hire equipment if we believe this to be the case.  We do not object to groups taking alcohol with them as long as it is taken responsibly and litter/ rubbish is not left behind at campsites, for example.
  • Can I light a fire? Yes you can as long as it is done responsibly. Set your fire somewhere that will prevent it spreading, in an existing fire pit, on a shingle beach or stony foreshore.  Yo should not set fires on grass as it kills the roots underneath, even if you dig out turf and replace it afterwards.  For some top tips about firelighting responsibly you can find out more at
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New Spey campsite at Cromdale

For paddlers on the River Spey, there's a new campsite close to the river offering a handy place to stay in a quiet location, firewood for that all important campfire...

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Our article in The Paddler ezine
Our article in The Paddler ezine

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Canoe map of Britain
Canoe map of Britain

I've got one of these on my wall and think this is a great idea.   This is a high quality map of mainland Britain that shows the huge extent of canoeing...

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Paddle Walking Scotland's Munros

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Project Wild Thing

This is such a great idea - let's hope it is a great success.   PROJECT WILD THING - official trailer from Green Lions on Vimeo.

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